Team member responsibilities


Describe the project’s purpose and aims. Document questions to take back to Executive Sponsor.

Discuss the level of participation expected of team members. Cover the following responsibilities of the Change Team:

  • Participates in meetings
  • Volunteers to carry out the team’s work
  • Learns what works and what doesn’t collects data to see if changes are an improvement
  • Applies the PDSA Change Cycle
  • Communicates with the staff affected by the changes, and assures their input is taken into account
  • Communicates with the rest of the organization about both the Team’s successes and its failures.

Present your plan to get the project done. Discuss in general terms what kind of tasks different team members are interested in.


Hostila Jan Decker
Start 10 listopadu, 2020 @ 3:23 pm
Kategorie Strategies
Doba trvání 90 minut
Časové pásmo Atlantic/Azores

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