Text orginising words


Sequencing (rozvrhování):

First of all / First / Firstly / Second / Secondly ...

then - časová záležitost - nelze použít ve smyslu „tudíž“

then / last of all / lastly / finally   × ne last !!!


...and moreover /...and what´s more / furthermore /in addition /as well as this /besides this there are...

Giving opinions:

Personally, I think that / In my opinion, ... / As far as I am concerned (co se mě týče) / From my point of view

Giving examples:

e.g. / for example / for instance

such as

i.e. = that is (Id est)

Showing result:

therefore / for that reason / as a result / consequently

Making contrasts:

On the other hand

In contrast, ... / In contrast with stg.

in / by comparison (with stg.)

apart from- kromě / unlike-narozdíl / however / nevertheless

Summing up:

to sum up, I would like to say

In conclusion - na závěr