Pověst o Prométheovi – vypracovala RNDr. Dagmar Benešová

Pověst o Prométheovi


The Greek Myths say that at first the world was settled by Titans, immortal gods. Prometheus was one of them. He missed the beings like him and so he created a statue from the mixture of clay and water. The goddess of reason and wisdom Athena brought the sculpture to life. So the first man was created and Prometheus created other people. He taught people everything they needed: to build their dwellings and to raise the food, to work but also to think and understand the nature. The ruler of the gods Zeus ordered Prometheus to teach people to worship gods and bring them sacrifice. Prometheus loved people and so he taught them to bring bones and fat of animals as sacrifice and retain meat for food. Zeus got angry and he took the fire from people so they had to eat raw meat. Zeus was a despotic and vindictive ruler as rulers usually are. Prometheus helped people again and stole fire for them from the mountain of Olymp. Zeus punished him and chained him to a rock in the mountains called Kavkaz. Every day an eagle came and pecked Prometheus´s liver. It re-grew during the night. Zeus was not succesful in humbling Prometheus´ pride and love for people. Prometheus was freed by Heracles, the son of the queen Alkmena and the god Zeus. Prometheus had to wear a ring with a stone from the mountains Kavkaz because Zeus would not lose his god´s authority. People have worn rings as a symbol of love since then. It is a memorial to Prometheus´ love of people.