In what ways can films make our lives better? 


  The film industry does not just refer to crazy soap operas or action films. There are many different kinds of films. There are some educational films or documentaries too. However there are huge differences between them made by possibilities, how they can make our lives better. But in what ways can film do it?

  Firstly I would like to mention historical films and documentaries. They are both examples of good taste for educational power of films. These films are able to catch our interest into the problem more than simple text. On the other hand they can be sometimes a little bit boring. So in conclusion they are profitable for us in way of education, but not suitable for entertainment.

  Secondly there are types of films, which do not look like capable for making our lives better. For instance, these films are sci-fi, action, comedy or horror films and any other blockbusters. But if they are successful, they affect our behaviour and ideas too. For example we can take an inspiration from main heroes and try to change our lives – make them better. In addition, the comedy films are there for making our lives better, because they bring into our lives happiness. Unfortunately the action films can manipulate with human psyche in bad way, mainly with children’s. They can imagine themselves as immortal or the Almighty, but it leads only to criminal things.

  In summary, my opinion is that films can make our lives better, although they sometimes have bad influence on us. It is really on ourselves, if we are able to point out only the good ideas. But do not forget that films were made for us as amusement and I have got this point of view on them since I saw the first one. So what we want from films is great story and pleasantly spent time, not some big change in our life.